What are we really feeling right now?

For the past 3 weeks, we have been hosting “Real Talk” calls for our community around the world. The format is simple — an open invitation for people of all identities, nationalities, and all viewpoints to come together, virtually, for an hour and a half and talk about how they are feeling. No judgement. All confidential.

Why? Because we believe that real, deep connection can help us heal. So, in times like this — when some of our deepest fears, neurosis and wounds can be triggered — we all need to be reminded that we are NOT ALONE.

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This is what we’ve learned (so far)…

We’re all feeling so many intense emotions right now, and all at once

  • We feel connected AND isolated — We’ve become acutely aware of our interconnectivity, yet we’re really struggling with a sense of loneliness in our homes.
  • We feel gratitude AND grief — We’re counting our blessings and becoming critically aware of privilege, while also moving through the stages of grief, and aching for those at risk around the world.
  • We feel peaceful AND restless — Quarantine can mean less distractions and an ability to focus on what really matters — yet we’re also feeling more agitated and anxious than ever before (e.g. some are feeling a pressure to “do” or “achieve” something with this time).
  • We want to help AND feel helpless — We so desperately want to support those around us who are struggling (eg. staying home to keep others safe) but at the same time, we feel there is so little we actually can do.
  • We feel compassion AND fear — We feel so much compassion for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities, while at the same time we also fear one another — everyone is a potential threat. We are also deeply worried about the economy, our businesses, and our sense of safety. The people we talked to in Latin America and India are scared about the lack of infrastructure — if “wealthy” countries are struggling, what’s coming their way?

Amidst this emotional turmoil, many of us are taking a moment to check-in and re-evaluate our lives

With life today looking and feeling radically different than it did just a few weeks ago, we can’t help but ask ourselves some big questions….

  • Am I satisfied with my relationships? Are there some I need to significantly adjust, or leave? Are there others I want to strengthen?
  • Do I really want to stay in my job? Or if I’ve lost my job, do I want to stay in the industry that I’ve been in? Or do I want to find something that feels more aligned with my passions?
  • Do I really want to be living in the city? Or would I be happier elsewhere?
  • How do I want to be spending my days? What activities and rhythms bring me energy? What depletes me?

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A global community shifting the way we communicate across difference so we can have hard conversations with confidence & compassion. www.dinnerconfidential.org

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