If social media has become our food, how well are you nourishing yourself?

Dinner Confidential: “The role of social media in our lives”

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Well, for many of us social media is becoming our food.

When we need to do something uncomfortable or scary (write a long email, or have a difficult conversation), our brain says: “WAIT! Just check Instagram to distract yourself, avoid the unpleasant emotion and get that dopamine hit.”

There are so many autopilot behaviors associated to our social media use. But what became clear throughout the night, is that we all want to become more conscious users. We all desire for social media to be a place that lifts us up, makes us feel good (beyond the quick dopamine hit) and connected to other people.

Here are the key takeaways (aka Healthy Social Media Protocol):

  • Curate your feed. Unfollow those people who bring you down or feed your self-doubt
  • Take breaks when you feel like it. Close your accounts, have social media free days/weeks.
  • Consume responsibly. Be aware of the autopilot behavior (i.e. using Facebook as a productivity escape) and instead, consciously choose when to check our feed.
  • Share consciously (with intention). Not creating content for the sake of creating content, but rather, for the sake of connecting, inspiring others and even healing ourselves i.e. showing the world (and us) that we are — and can be OK after a difficult breakup…
  • Think of connection as a compass. Take notice if engaging with social media is making you feel connected OR lonely/detached. Course correct if you feel the latter.

Things to experiment with

On a scale of 1–10, how good/inspired/connected do you feel after using social media? What needs to change so you can increase that number? Try doing that this week.

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