Dinner Confidential: “Big Life Transitions”

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Here are the key takeaways:

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  1. We don’t like some aspects of ourselves that come out when we are in the mud (and not in control) — Before the transition, a number of women talked about how “My whole life, I’ve been…” and included words like “stable,” “prepared,” “excited for the future.” But when referring to themselves while in transition, we all used words like “lost,” “anxious,” “scared,” and “confused.” We don’t identify with these darker parts of ourselves, sometimes referred to as the “shadow self.” They feel shameful, embarrassing, and “outside of who we truly are.” But what if rather than shaming these parts, we identify their purpose and power, and chose to integrate them to create a more honest, holistic picture of our true selves?
  2. Support from others (external) and trust in the process (internal) gets us through to the other side — Many women rely on a spouse, friend, therapist or spiritual guide for backing and validation to make it through. These are the people that witness our mess and cheer us on no matter what. In parallel to the external, many of us expressed a deep trust in the transition process (although not in ourselves, which is interesting!). There’s a sense of “faith” that life sent this change our way for a reason and therefore we must accept it and know it will take us to a better place.
  1. Recognize your pillars of transition — Identify AND practice whatever helps you feel stronger, more balanced i.e.: girlfriends, books, running, etc.
  2. Share the gift of your vulnerability — Share your struggles with someone you trust. Chances are, this will open the door to deeper support and connection than you could’ve imagined.

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